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12 years diverse game art production experience in small development team environments. Art direction and art team leadership rolls. Senior level art production experience including character design and animation; organic, mechanical, and architectural 3D modeling for both real-time and pre-rendered graphics; texture painting and UV mapping; FX and particle animation; conceptual design and illustration; background and terrain height field design and creation; GUI element design and implementation; scripting


Jack of All Graphics Linden Lab 2002-Present

  • Responsible for many art production tasks at software startup company creating online virtual world Second Life (PC/Mac).
  • Co-designed and created art elements for user-customizable real-time humanoid avatars. Sculpted base 3D model and hundreds of morph targets. Created underlying texture maps for skin and clothing customization. Scripted avatar customization GUI. Animated dozens of stardard character movements and gestures.
  • Created in-world content including characters, clothing, vehicles, buildings, and infrastructure such as roads, dams, and bridges.
  • Designed large areas of world land and sea expansion for direct $US sale to users via auction. Generated height field maps using procedural terrain creation tools and hand-painted maps.

Lead Animator, Senior Artist Sega 1998-2000

  • Designed, modeled, textured, and animated 3D characters, vehicles, effects, and background elements for Alien Front Online (Arcade/Dreamcast).

Freelance Character Animator P.F. Magic 1998

  • Generated character animation for Dogz II and Catz II (PC/Mac, published by Mindscape).

Senior Artist/Animator Acclaim Coin-Operated Entertainment 1995-1998

  • Designed, modeled, textured, and animated characters, backgrounds, and effects for Magic: The Gathering, Armageddon (Arcade).

Character Animator, Conceptual Artist Rocket Science Games 1994

  • Designed, modeled, textured, and animated characters for Rocketboy (PC/Sega Saturn).
  • Created background elements and effects.

Lead Animator Presage Software 1994

  • Created character animation and cut scenes for Lode Runner: The Legend Returns (PC/Mac, published by Sierra).
  • Designed and animated main character for Read, Write, Type! (PC/Mac, published by TLC).

Art Director, Animator, Co-Game Designer Epyx 1992-1994

  • Designed and created graphics, character animation, and tiled backgrounds for Battle Bugs (PC, published by Sierra).
  • Supervised artists on several other PC and Sega Genesis titles produced concurrently.

Illustrator, Interface Designer Paramount Interactive 1991-1992

  • Designed, illustrated, and animated characters and user interface for educational software.
  • Constructed product demos using authoring tools.


  • SGI, PC, and Mac literate.
  • Ability to model, texture, and animate with Polys, NURBS, and patches.
  • Power Animator, Maya, 3ds max 4, PhotoShop, Painter, Flash, Premiere, Debabelizer
  • Scripting, production pipeline problem solving, rudimentary knowledge of programming.


USC School of Cinema/Television 1986-1990 BA Film/Television Production

  • Director Play is the Work of Children (16mm short): won FOCUS Award (1990), Student Academy Award nomination (1990), screened at Sundance Film Festival (1992).
  • Crew experience on advanced films: Cinematographer (documentary), Editor, Sound Design, and Art Direction. Additional courses in animation, producing, and music.

Bay Area Theater Sports (BATS) 1998-2001 Classes in improvisational theater.


  • Puppeteer, Puppet maker The Dream of the Scarab Operetta for stage by Rosen Coven. Constructed and performed rod puppets, built flea circus and performed flea gags.
  • IMAX projectionist California Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Film writing, cartooning, figure drawing, costume creation, home remodeling, magic, keyboard, tennis.
References are available upon request